Travel Bucket List

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer…

To me, travel is a collection of eye- and heart-opening experiences that helps the traveler see the world and its people in a new light. It’s being open-minded and daring to be challenged in the way your live or perceive things. It’s submerging into cultures unlike your own and learning to appreciate new sounds, sights, tastes and practices.

Travel to me is about being adventurous – wherever your feet may take you. It’s about checking off that list of things to do/see and on some days, aimlessly wandering the streets.

As 2017 begins, I thought it’ll be fun to compile a list of places, countries and cities that I’d love to visit (within my lifetime)!

What’s on your list? Perhaps we share some common destinations 🙂


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia would be an absolute dream! Being a slight travel photography nut, this place has a perfect mix of medieval vibe and spectacular scenery/landscape. The title says Dubrovnik but I cheated a bit with this one because there are just too many cities, islands and national parks I wish to visit in Croatia. The featured … Continue reading Dubrovnik, Croatia

Pompeii, Italy

Humans have a strange fascination with the dead and ruins. Pompeii was once a prosperous and flourishing city before it was wiped out by a sudden volcanic eruption in 79 A.D. Today this archaeological site welcomes visitors from around the world to learn more about the ancient life of this once vibrant city. Having been … Continue reading Pompeii, Italy


White houses and red roofs speckled across the fields and valley. Take me please! There’s something so awe-inspiring about the way mountains stand and rest over one another. To be able to stay in one of these small towns with the aqua waters just steps away from your front door and endless hiking trails to choose from.. … Continue reading Switzerland


Morocco has been at the very top of my list for a long while now. A visit to the medina in Marrakech will definitely be an adventure for the senses. Their colours, textiles and craftsmanship are what excites me the most. There’s also something so intriguing about squeezing my way through an Arabian market, camel … Continue reading Morocco


1998 was when I watched “Prince of Egypt” in the theatre and I vividly remember the movie receiving a standing ovation at the end. That was the only movie I’ve watched in my entire life that received such an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd in the theatre. The following year I did a major school … Continue reading Egypt

Wildernis, Amsterdam

Is this plant shop enough of a reason to travel to Amsterdam? I think so. Photo source: Lili in Wonderland

Nagasaki, Japan

I’ll be happy to travel anywhere in Japan but when I return this time, I want to make a quick stop at Nagasaki. I recently watched a movie called “母と暮せば Nagasaki: Memories of My Son” which depicted the aftermath of the atomic bombing on this city in August 1945. Through this film, I saw a … Continue reading Nagasaki, Japan


Norway has long since been on my list. How can you turn down her scenery and landscape- valleys, fjords, snow-capped mountains, winding roads, plateaus, picturesque farms by the countryside? Let’s rent a car and drive off the map, camp out (apparently camping in parks and on public land is free as long as you have a … Continue reading Norway


I know, I just returned from a safari trip in Johannesburg, South Africa.. but Tanzania is different! Ngorongoro Conservation Area and UNESCO World Heritage Site is peacefully nestled high in the magnificent crater. Serengeti National Park, another heritage site, is most well-known for its annual wildebeest migration. Every July to September, hundreds of thousands of zebras … Continue reading Tanzania

Cinque Terre, Italy

No doubt that Italy is a gorgeous country and I’d want to travel to any part of it. But this region of 5 fishing villages- Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore- dotted with pastel buildings along the Italian coastline……♥ The journey to reach these villages isn’t a short or simple one but it’ll be so … Continue reading Cinque Terre, Italy