they call me tiff


outdoors, being under the ☀
the wilderness
animals- big and small
adventures around the world
smell of fresh laundry
smell of pine in the woods
earth after it rains
pretty skies and rosy sunsets
walks in alleyways with camera in hand
farms, gardens, flower shops, nurseries ❀ ✿ ❁


in adventure and wilderness
in getting lost and making discoveries
in wonder and curiosity
in expression and creativity
in being open and vulnerable
in practicing kindness and gratitude
in embracing the beauty of all things- old and new
in having sand in your hair, dirt in your nails, bruises all over your knees


+ Crazy plant lady in the making
+ Proud owner 11 hedgehogs (all fake though)
+ Collect memories in the form of postcards, sand bottles and magnets
+ Talk to myself a lot (either because I’m an only child or a genius- I’d like to believe the latter)